Sexual Transmutation: 10 Activities to Direct Sexual Energy

Willy Kon
7 min readFeb 21, 2021


To retain one’s semen, it is to build up energy. I discuss ten activities to channel the sexual energy and improve yourself with the aid of Semen Retention.

Sexual Transmutation is perhaps one, if not the most useful tool in your Personal Development Journey. The thing you probably know is that abstaining from sex, masturbation, or any triggers for a period of time will create an accumulation of energy in your body. Everyone is different, but depending on your genetics, you will sense the energy from three to seven days after your last ejaculation.

What is Sexual Transmutation?

This is a practice that has been recorded throughout history; its use dates back to 5,000 years ago, practiced by Taoists in ancient China. To retain one’s semen, it is to conserve energy and promote longevity. If you retain your semen, within a few days you will feel the energy manifesting itself as higher willpower, lower anxiety, lower depression, feeling blessed, more self-confidence, less negative thoughts, and many more. However, it cannot serve its purpose unless you do something about your energy, hence the term: Sexual Transmutation.

One thing to realize is this: your sexual side is a natural part of you, so there’s no use in denying it. The whole thing about Semen Retention, Sexual Transmutation, NoFap, and so on, is that you use the energy with responsibility and point it toward making your life better. Accept your sexual side and drive it for your own good.

So, instead of spilling out your life force, because it has been said by Eastern philosophies that semen is the life force of the men, you get to channel it. How? These are ten activities you can do to pass that energy and feel replenished afterward.

10 Activities You Can Do to Transmute Sexual Energy

1. Physical Training

Work out those muscles. As human beings, we are supposed to move. Motion is emotion. When the seminal fluid runs through your body, now re-processed into energy, you are going to feel it. It’s a powerful feeling: makes you want to lift some heavy-ass weights. I’m telling you, it’s legit. One of my best workouts came from three months in without spilling my seed. I realized that I pushed myself beyond what I first expected. This is the power of your sexual energy; harness it and crush your workout.

2. Socializing

As the energy from abstaining from sex grows stronger, it can be channeled into improving your social skills. Your confidence is boosted and so is your charisma. People will notice that you radiate charm, and in return, you get to know some people and establish some rapport. If you are an introvert, this is a major power-up to give you an extra tank of energy and minimize the feeling drained after social interactions.

3. Creative Endeavor

Sexual energy is also creative energy. The longer you hold it, the more potent it is going to be. Ideas are going to freely flow through your brain so that when you are trying to come up with something, be it through your art, your writing, your hobby, and so on, it will come without much effort. Your sexual energy is going to do much of the work for you. If you are into the whole Semen Retention, make sure to really get into your creative side as you’ll notice very significant changes in your perception. Significant people like Nikola Tesla, Leonardo DaVinci, and others, have mostly used their sexual energy in their creative pursuits.

4. Go to Nature

There is something about going out for a walk in the forest or the beach that replenishes your mind and your soul. You are more sensitive towards Nature when you are doing Sexual Transmutation. Being away from the cities and the traffic gives you enough time to connect with yourself, and you are engaged to Nature in a way that it will make you feel great. If there is no forest near you, go to a park instead. You will certainly enjoy it; this time you get to take in the blessing of Nature. Speaking from experience, the nature sounds will be more pleasing to the ear!

5. Self-Talk

So, this is something the majority of us don’t really do, but it’s of vital importance to affirm a good sense of self. Go to a quiet room for 10 minutes–no cellphone, no TV, no distractions. Then you are only with yourself. Usually one in such a situation might want to escape because they want to do something. But friend, the harsh truth is that there is something inside you don’t want to address, perhaps out of fear or anxiety. No one wants to admit that they have weaknesses, but you can’t escape yourself. Semen Retention lets you see that.

It’s time to dig in yourself; be honest and focus on your goals, your dreams, your passions, the meaning inside of your heart and your soul. What drives you?

6. Clean your room

My sense is that if you want to change the world, you start with yourself and work outward because you build your competence that way.

Jordan Peterson

This is one of the few activities that suck at the simple thought of it, but once you get started it kinda becomes fun. Have you ever noticed how when you are cleaning everything, by the time you’re done you think only five minutes have passed, but in reality, you’ve been cleaning for the past two hours? So, essentially, as you get rid of the garbage you begin to feel better. That’s right: cleaning your room is cleaning your soul. I know, it sounds boring. But you’ll get there.

7. Work

A tip is when you are feeling unmotivated to do anything, you can use your sexual energy to trick your brain into working. Just work. Throw off the excess energy while doing something productive. How do you do it? First, you get into fantasy mode and visualize arousing images in your head, when you are aroused, switch your attention to the goal you are pursuing. However, you must be committed to the goal otherwise this won’t work. Get to the point where you feel “aroused” by your goal and you want to reach the end of it, where you will get the most satisfaction out of. It takes practice, but it has worked for me several times.

8. Spend time with your loved ones

At the point of connecting with others, you’ll notice that there’s a drive inside of you that pulls you into getting to deeply know someone. The transmutation of sexual energy will turn to a need of connecting with others. I’ll tell you, you realize that having human relationships are a blessing, and that deep down, people are good. Even with your enemies, you’ll wish them well. Being with good people energizes us, whether you know it or not. So it’s time to go to your parents and tell them how grateful you are to have them or tell someone close how deeply you care for them.

9. Have sex

It might sound counterproductive, but… have sex. Now, please hear me out. In religious traditions, it has been said that having regular sex is better than masturbating. There’s much more libido there. And you get to offload some extra charge of energy inside of you. Here’s the difficult thing: practice having sex without ejaculating. That way you get to give you and your partner longer-lasting pleasure while not relapsing in your Semen Retention journey.

10. Relax

The last thing Semen Retention does for you is that it improves times of relaxation. You will become more appreciative of the time to be calm, to reflect, and enjoy a nice cup of coffee. Even music will be much more enjoyable. You could say that you become “naturally high” at this point. And it felt really, really good to take a good shower, and eat something great. Your senses become heightened and sharper.