How Imagination and Daydreaming Shape Our Reality

Willy Kon
3 min readMay 18, 2023


And a simple exercise to put this into practice

Photo by arianka ibarra on Unsplash

Imagination is a remarkable thing, isn’t it? Just by closing your eyes and conjuring up a vivid image in your mind, you can transport yourself to a whole new experience. So, let’s try something fun and intriguing together. Imagine a fresh, juicy lemon right in front of you. Visualize its vibrant yellow color, its smooth and slightly textured skin, and the refreshing scent that fills the air as you hold it in your hand.

Now, take a moment to imagine yourself taking a bite out of that lemon, feeling its tangy and sour taste exploding on your tongue. But here’s the interesting part — let’s focus specifically on the act of imagining yourself drinking the lemon juice. Picture the sensation of that tarte liquid flowing over your taste buds, the puckering of your lips as you savor the intense flavor. And as you imagine this, pay attention to any physical sensations that arise.

Now, here’s the fascinating truth: your brain and body don’t differentiate between actually experiencing something and just vividly imagining it. When you engage in this mental exercise of visualizing yourself drinking the lemon juice, your mind triggers a neurochemical response that simulates the real thing. Your brain activates the same neural pathways and releases similar chemical signals, leading to physiological responses that can be quite astonishing.

In fact, as you imagined drinking that lemon juice, did you notice a subtle increase in saliva production? Perhaps you felt a slight tingling or puckering sensation in your mouth, almost as if your body was responding to the imagined taste of the lemon. This phenomenon showcases the incredible power of our minds and the profound connection between our thoughts and our physical experiences.

The power of imagination is mind-blowing, really. Just think about it: just imagining stuff can actually make our bodies react. Like that lemon juice thing we just did? It’s crazy how our thoughts can mess with our physical selves. And it’s not just lemons; it applies to everything in life. You can picture yourself acing a tough job, and bam! Confidence kicks in. Or imagine this peaceful, chill place when you’re all stressed out, and boom! Instant relaxation. Even practicing stuff in your head can make you better at it. It’s like our minds are secret weapons, shaping our reality and making things happen. Pretty awesome, huh?

When you catch yourself lost in daydreams or playfully exploring your imagination, just know that your brain and body are right there, responding eagerly to those mental adventures. Embrace the incredible potency of your thoughts, for they hold the key to shaping your reality, boosting your well-being, and unlocking your boundless potential. It’s mind-boggling, really — our minds are these incredible tools that can transform simple thoughts into mind-altering chemical reactions, molding the very way we perceive and experience the world around us. So go ahead, dream big, let your thoughts run wild, and witness the magic unfold as you tap into the extraordinary power of your own mind.

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